Childcare Rules & Regulations:

  • All children must be signed in & out on our childcare sign-in sheet each day.

  • A parent/ guardian for each child must be on the Toadal Fitness premises AT ALL TIMES.

  • Children must weigh 40 lbs+ & wear close-toed shoes to climb on the Live Oak rock wall.

  • Children must weigh LESS than 200 lbs to use the trampolines & spider zone.

  • Any child with a fever, runny nose, persistent cough, diarrhea, vomiting, and/ or any skin/eye rash will be sent home & unable to return until symptoms dissipate, or a doctor’s note providing proof that the child is not contagious is brought in.

  • Children are welcome to bring snacks (in fact it is absolutely encouraged!!), but please NO candy, popcorn, nuts, or gum– these are choking hazards. Please bring water every visit, as your child will likely be very active while here, and need water ;)

  • Bringing toys from home is discouraged. Young children are welcome to bring a small comfort object from home (stuffie, blankie, book,etc). Electronic devices, toy weapons, and small legos/ other small choke-able items are not allowed under any circumstances

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Thank you!