Parents Night Out

Are you in need of a night out? Are your children at least 7 months old? You're in luck!
Each Toadal Fitness childcare hosts a Parents Night Out party once a month on a Saturday, so parents can get in that date or free time without hiring the expensive babysitter! What's more, your children will have the chance to socialize, and have a party! Each childcare chooses a different weekend for their event each month, so there's always a date you're available for! 


Scotts Valley: Second Saturday of the month, 5-9pm

Live Oak: Third Saturday of the month, 5-9pm

West Side: Last Saturday of the month, 3:30-7:30pm
How Parents Night Out works:

  • You must sign up in advance in the childcare. You may call to sign up over the phone, or email to sign up. Members and non-members alike are welcome!

  • Live Oak & Scotts Valley PNOs are from 5-9pm, and West Side PNO is from 3:30-7:30pm (in case your child has an earlier bedtime!)

  • A pizza dinner, water, and fresh fruit are provided. If you'd rather your child eat something else, please send them with dinner.

  • Children will participate in active games, arts & crafts projects, bounce in our bounce houses, and have a pizza party! The event is split into organized activities, with about 45 minutes of free time. SV and LO PNOs show a PG or G-rated movie for just the final 45 minutes of the evening, to help wind the kids down around 8:15pm. WS PNO does story time for the final half-hour of the evening (7-7:30pm), with no screen time at all.

  • You go out and have a great time for 4 hours!

  • We DO change diapers at the PNO parties :)

How the payment works:

For members, unless you specify that you'd like to pay another way, we will charge your card on file with your account for your total, the Friday before the event. Cash is also accepted. Non-members will be called the Friday before the event and must pay with a card over the phone at that time. If you cancel after 9am the Friday before the event, then we will refund 50%, and the other 50% of what you paid will be kept as a cancellation fee.  
Prices for members:

Ages 2+: $45 for your first child, $15 for each sibling. 

Ages 7-23 months: $55 for a child under age 2 

*example: if you are bringing your 10 month old plus your 5 year old, you will be charged $55+ $15 :)

Prices for non-members:

Ages 2+: $55 for your first child, $20 for each sibling.  

Ages 7-23 months: $65 for a child under age 2 

For further questions please ask one of our friendly childcare team members, or email