Rick Patterson

Rick has been a personal trainer here at Cabrillo Fitness for almost 10 years, focusing on strength and conditioning, with an emphasis on biomechanics and proper movement patterning. He specializes in one-on-one training and group training in our Toadal Cross Training Program (TXT).

Over the years, Rick has helped clients of all levels achieve their goals, while enjoying their fitness journeys.  Whether you want to enhance performance in your specific sport or activity, become pain free in the gym and in your everyday life, or simply look and feel better, Rick’s your man! Give him a call to schedule an appointment or jump into his TXT class and see what it's all about. Pick up his card at the front desk today!

Contact Information

E-mail: rickjamesp@yahoo.com

Phone: 831-706-5699 

Instagram: hashtagtimesuck

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rickjamesp

*E-mail or text messages preferred