Monday 9:30am and 5:15pm

Tuesday 6:45pm

Wednesday 9:30am and 5:15pm

Thursday 6:45pm

Friday 9am

Prices as of 5/1/2018

Classes are:

$30 drop in 

$120 for 5 classes 

$225 for 10. 

Private sessions are: 

$150 intro special for your first 3 sessions

$80 a single session

$375 for 5 session package

$700 for 10 session package

$50 per person for a private duet

$40 per person for a private trio

Jiu jitsu classes for both beginners & advanced adults. 

Classes are Monday-Saturday at the West Side, with a competition class at 1pm on Sundays :)

We offer a 1 week trial period. For more information on pricing, please call the West Side club at (831)466-3764, or contact Jeremy for more information/ questions at (831)566-9944. 

The slow flow gives the students enough time to properly adjust/ align themselves in the asanas (postures), giving time to themselves to explore their body and enjoy the benefits, also preventing future injuries. Flowing with slow long deep breaths provide to the students a grounding experience. Taking long deep breaths calm and clear our minds, helping with our focus and balance, as well brings more oxygen to our body, helping with our immune system. These classes are a meditative experience. Feel the empowerment of you body, mind and soul.