Rules and Regulations

The club facilities are open for use Monday through Thursday 5 30am to 930pm, Friday 5:30 to 830pm and 8am to 8pm on the weekends. Those hours are subject to change if we get lazy and decide not to come to work (Especially during the holidays). You will be notified as soon as we feel like doing it. We also now offer anytime access (365/24/7) Downtown and at the Live oak location

Prime time hours:
They are 9am to 11am and 4 pm to 8 pm Monday through Fridays. Only Kings and Queens can be at the club at that time although Day frogs can be accepted by bribing the owners ($20 preferred J)

All members and guests must be 18 years old or older to workout on their own (or have a fake I.D.)

Towel usage:
Please display own towel (or the one you borrowed and forgot to return) when working out. Even though we have sanitization stations, it is nice to have your own.

“Incroyable mais vrai”, we haven’t allowed smoking yet in the facilities.

You must bring your card or remember your first and last name. Each member will receive a day use lock and a towel (if you are a nice person only)
In exchange for your membership card, car keys
(Peugeot, Citroen preferred) or credit card (with a $5000 credit limit) if the card is forgotten.
The day use lock and the towel must be returned to the front desk. If not returned, the French Foreign Legion will be sent out to track you down.

Locker rental:
You can rent a locker for $4/month. If you decide to leave your belongings overnight without renting a locker, your lock may be cut and your belon-gings shipped to France at “ Le marche aux puces” (flea market).

Right of refusal:
We exercise the right to refuse admission to anyone. (Especially if you are tall, good looking and very fit.)

Picking up weights:
Show everybody how strong and courteous you are by bringing the weights back where you found them (Hopefully on the weight rack).

It is mandatory to show a smile when you come to workout. If we don’t see a smile on your face within the first 10 minutes of your visit, you will given a 10 day pass to 24hr fitness (then you will have a good reason for not smiling:)).

Using foul language:
It is, of course, only allowed when talking to your personal trainer or if you drop a weight on your foot.

All members must wear some. Soft-soled shoes are required and clothing will be evaluated by our French design staff . Rule of thumb is that if you would not wear it to Grandma's house don't wear it at the club ;). A T-shirt is required at all times.

Clothing in the sauna/steam room:
Although you must be eager to show off your new toned body, you must wear a bathing suit of some sort
in all co-ed area.

Being rude:
Rudeness is not allowed in the club. Being French is not a valid excuse for being rude (valid only in Paris).

Being on time for training sessions:
Please, be on time for your personal training. Some of our trainers have been known to use the “Guillotine” when upset or if an appointment is missed.

Showing up for appointment:
Please, show up for your fitness training or call 24 hours in advance to reschedule (Remember what we said about some of our trainers…).

Canceling your membership:
You must give us a 30 day notice written in proper French. Any mistake will void the cancellation.